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A quartet of fermionic expressions for M(k,2k ± 1) Virasoro characters via half-lattice paths

O Blondeau-Fournier, P Mathieu, TA Welsh

Nuclear Physics B | Published : 2017


We derive new fermionic expressions for the characters of the Virasoro minimal models M(k,2k±1) by analysing the recently introduced half-lattice paths. These fermionic expressions display a quasiparticle formulation characteristic of the ϕ2,1 and ϕ1,5 integrable perturbations. We find that they arise by imposing a simple restriction on the RSOS quasiparticle states of the unitary models M(p,p+1). In fact, four fermionic expressions are obtained for each generating function of half-lattice paths of finite length L, and these lead to four distinct expressions for most characters χr,sk,2k±1. These are direct analogues of Melzer's expressions for M(p,p+1), and their proof entails revisiting, re..

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