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Multiplexing experiments in NMR and multi-nuclear MRI.

Ēriks Kupče, Kaustubh R Mote, Andrew Webb, Perunthiruthy K Madhu, Tim DW Claridge

Prog Nucl Magn Reson Spectrosc | Published : 2021


Multiplexing NMR experiments by direct detection of multiple free induction decays (FIDs) in a single experiment offers a dramatic increase in the spectral information content and often yields significant improvement in sensitivity per unit time. Experiments with multi-FID detection have been designed with both homonuclear and multinuclear acquisition, and the advent of multiple receivers on commercial spectrometers opens up new possibilities for recording spectra from different nuclear species in parallel. Here we provide an extensive overview of such techniques, designed for applications in liquid- and solid-state NMR as well as in hyperpolarized samples. A brief overview of multinuclear M..

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