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Multi-parametric MR in Becker muscular dystrophy patients.

Melissa T Hooijmans, Martijn Froeling, Zaida Koeks, Jan JGM Verschuuren, Andrew Webb, Erik H Niks, Hermien E Kan

NMR Biomed | Published : 2020


Quantitative MRI and MRS of muscle are increasingly being used to measure individual pathophysiological processes in Becker muscular dystrophy (BMD). In particular, muscle fat fraction was shown to be highly associated with functional tests in BMD. However, the muscle strength per unit of contractile cross-sectional area is lower in patients with BMD compared with healthy controls. This suggests that the quality of the non-fat-replaced (NFR) muscle tissue is lower than in healthy controls. Consequently, a measure that reflects changes in muscle tissue itself is needed. Here, we explore the potential of water T2 relaxation times, diffusion parameters and phosphorus metabolic indices as early ..

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