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Combining deep learning and 3D contrast source inversion in MR-based electrical properties tomography.

Reijer Leijsen, Cornelis van den Berg, Andrew Webb, Rob Remis, Stefano Mandija

NMR Biomed | Published : 2019


Magnetic resonance electrical properties tomography (MR-EPT) is a technique used to estimate the conductivity and permittivity of tissues from MR measurements of the transmit magnetic field. Different reconstruction methods are available; however, all these methods present several limitations, which hamper the clinical applicability. Standard Helmholtz-based MR-EPT methods are severely affected by noise. Iterative reconstruction methods such as contrast source inversion electrical properties tomography (CSI-EPT) are typically time-consuming and are dependent on their initialization. Deep learning (DL) based methods require a large amount of training data before sufficient generalization can ..

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