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Study of complex hemodynamic fluctuations in the human brain by simultaneous near-infrared spectro-imaging and functional magnetic resonance imaging

V Toronov, MA Franceschini, S Fantini, A Webb, E Gratton

Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering | Published : 2004


In this paper we discuss temporal and spatial patterns of brain hemodynamics under rest and motor stimulation conditions obtained by functional magnetic resonance imaging and simultaneous fast multi-channel near-infrared spectro-imaging in the human motor cortex. Our data indicate that the main difference between the brain hemodynamics under the repetitive stimulation and the rest conditions is not in the appearance of hemoglobin concentration changes during the stimulations (since fluctuations occur at rest as well), but in their more regular, Le. phase-synchronous with the stimulation behavior.

University of Melbourne Researchers

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