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Autonomous Calcium Signaling in Human and Zebrafish Podocytes Controls Kidney Filtration Barrier Morphogenesis.

Lydia Djenoune, Ritu Tomar, Aude Dorison, Irene Ghobrial, Heiko Schenk, Jan Hegermann, Lynne Beverly-Staggs, Alejandro Hidalgo-Gonzalez, Melissa H Little, Iain A Drummond

J Am Soc Nephrol | Published : 2021


BACKGROUND: Podocytes are critical to maintaining the glomerular filtration barrier, and mutations in nephrotic syndrome genes are known to affect podocyte calcium signaling. However, the role of calcium signaling during podocyte development remains unknown. METHODS: We undertook live imaging of calcium signaling in developing podocytes, using zebrafish larvae and human kidney organoids. To evaluate calcium signaling during development and in response to channel blockers and genetic defects, the calcium biosensor GCaMP6s was expressed in zebrafish podocytes. We used electron microscopy to evaluate filtration barrier formation in zebrafish, and Fluo-4 to detect calcium signals in differentiat..

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