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A DUF1068 protein acts as a pectin biosynthesis scaffold and maintains Golgi morphology and cell adhesion in Arabidopsis

Rahul Lathe, Heather McFarlane, Ghazanfar Abbas Khan, Berit Ebert, Eduardo Antonio Ramírez-Rodríguez, Niels Noord, Rishikesh Bhalerao, Staffan Persson

Published : 2021


ABSTRACT Adjacent plant cells are connected by specialized cell wall regions, called middle lamellae, which influence critical agricultural characteristics, including fruit ripening and organ abscission. Middle lamellae are enriched in pectin polysaccharides, specifically homogalacturonan (HG). Here, we identify a plant-specific Arabidopsis DUF1068 protein, called NKS1, that is required for middle lamellae integrity and cell adhesion. NKS1 localises to the Golgi apparatus and loss of the protein results in changes to Golgi structure and function. The nks1 mutants also display HG deficient phenotypes, including reduced seedling growth, changes to cell wall composition, and tissue integrity de..

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