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Western Diet Induced Remodelling of the Tongue Proteome

Mriga Dutt, Yaan-Kit Ng, Jeffrey Molendijk, Hamzeh Karimkhanloo, Luoping Liao, Ronnie Blazev, Magdalene K Montgomery, Matthew J Watt, Benjamin L Parker

PROTEOMES | MDPI | Published : 2021


The tongue is a heavily innervated and vascularized striated muscle that plays an important role in vocalization, swallowing and digestion. The surface of the tongue is lined with papillae which contain gustatory cells expressing various taste receptors. There is growing evidence to suggest that our perceptions of taste and food preference are remodelled following chronic consumption of Western diets rich in carbohydrate and fats. Our sensitivity to taste and also to metabolising Western diets may be a key factor in the rising prevalence of obesity; however, a systems-wide analysis of the tongue is lacking. Here, we defined the proteomic landscape of the mouse tongue and quantified changes f..

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