Conference Proceedings

Creating a digital learning ecosystem to facilitate authentic place-based learning and international collaboration: a coastal case study

Elisa BONE, Richard Greenfield, Gray Williams, Bayden Russell, S Gregory (ed.), S Warburton (ed.), M Parkes (ed.)

ASCILITE’s First Virtual Conference. Proceedings ASCILITE 2020 in Armidale | University of New England | Published : 2020


Authentic, place-based experiential learning is essential for students of ecology, whilst an understanding of broader human impacts is necessary for effective conservation efforts. Creating future environmental leaders requires fostering such understanding whilst building transferable skills in collaboration, communication and cultural competence. Mobile technologies and collaborative digital tools can connect students across broad geographic locations, allowing them to share experiences and build a common understanding of global environmental challenges. Within this concise paper, we report on the initial stages and proposed next steps in building a learning ecosystem, consisting of a digit..

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