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Observing Change Over Time in Strength-Based Parenting and Subjective Wellbeing for Pre-teens and Teens

Lea Waters, Daniel Loton, Dawson Grace, Rowan Jacques-Hamilton, Michael Zyphur

How Children Learn From Parents and Parenting Others in Formal and Informal Settings: International and Cultural Perspectives | Frontiers Media SA | Published : 2020


The focus of this study was on adolescent mental health. More specifically, the relationship between strength-based parenting (SBP) and subjective wellbeing (SWB) during adolescence was examined at three time points over 14 months (N = 202, Mage = 12.97, SDage = 0.91, 48% female). SBP was positively related to life satisfaction and positive affect at each of the three time points, and was negatively related to negative affect. SBP and SWB both declined significantly over time. When examining the causal relationships between SBP and SWB, two different statistical models were applied: latent growth-curve models (LGM) and random-intercept cross-lagged panel models (RI-CLPM). The LGM revealed a ..

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