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Relative roles of multiple scattering and Fresnel diffraction in the imaging of small molecules using electrons, Part II: Differential Holographic Tomography

TE Gureyev, HM Quiney, A Kozlov, DM Paganin, G Schmalz, HG Brown, LJ Allen



It has been argued that in atomic-resolution transmission electron microscopy (TEM) of sparse weakly scattering structures, such as small biological molecules, multiple electron scattering usually has only a small effect, while the in-molecule Fresnel diffraction can be significant due to the intrinsically shallow depth of focus. These facts suggest that the three-dimensional reconstruction of such structures from defocus image series collected at multiple rotational orientations of a molecule can be effectively performed for each atom separately, using the incoherent first Born approximation. The corresponding reconstruction method, termed here Differential Holographic Tomography, is develo..

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