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A Clinician-Led, Experience-Based Co-Design Approach for Developing mHealth Services to Support the Patient Self-management of Chronic Conditions: Development Study and Design Case

Ting Song, Ping Yu, Vida Bliokas, Yasmine Probst, Gregory E Peoples, Siyu Qian, Lauren Houston, Pascal Perez, Mehrdad Amirghasemi, Tingru Cui, Nadeesha Pathiraja Rathnayaka Hitige, Natalie Anne Smith



BACKGROUND: Despite the increasing use of mobile health (mHealth) services, such as mHealth apps or SMS text messaging services, that support the patient self-management of chronic conditions, many existing mHealth services lack theoretical guidance. In addition, although often the target audience for requirement acquisition at the initial mHealth app design stage, it is a common challenge for them to fully conceptualize their needs for mHealth services that help self-manage chronic conditions. OBJECTIVE: This study proposes a novel co-design approach with the initial requirements for mHealth services proposed by clinicians based on their experiences in guiding patients to self-manage chroni..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This research was supported by the 2018 Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute Clinical Translation Grant Scheme. The authors also wish to thank Yunchuan Shi, Ziwen Zhou, Chunhao Li, Yuting Chen and Zhengshu Dai for developing the app, Mikaela Dawking for helping with the early nutrition messages, the research nurses, and the focus group participants.