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Multi-objective design optimization on building integrated photovoltaic with Trombe wall and phase change material based on life cycle cost and thermal comfort

Y Lin, S Zhong, W Yang, X Hao, CQ Li

Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments | Published : 2021


This study performed design optimization on a building with integrated photovoltaic, Trombe wall and phase change material based on building life cycle cost (LCC) and indoor thermal comfort. A total of thirty-four design variables were considered as the optimization variables. The optimization process consists of four steps. Firstly, Monte Carlo Method was used to generate a set of design samples, and the LCC and indoor discomfort degree hour were obtained through computer simulation. Secondly, stepwise linear regression (SLR) and artificial neural network (ANN) models were developed as the prediction models. ANN models exhibited better prediction performance with errors of less than 6%. Thi..

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