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Towards Multi-Modal Conversational Information Seeking

Yashar Deldjoo, Johanne Trippas, Hamed Zamani

International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval | ACM | Published : 2021


Recent research on conversational information seeking (CIS) mostly focuses on uni-modal interactions and information items. This perspective paper highlights the importance of moving towards developing and evaluating multi-modal conversational information seeking (MMCIS) systems as they enable us to leverage richer context, overcome errors, and increase accessibility. We bridge the gap between the multi-modal and CIS research and provide a formal definition for MMCIS.We discuss potential opportunities and research challenges in designing, implementing, and evaluating MMCIS systems. Based on this research, we propose and implement a practical open-source framework for facilitating MMCIS resea..

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