Thesis / Dissertation

Optimising the progeny from primiparous sows

Udani Anushika Wijesiriwardana, Frank Dunshea (ed.)

Published : 2020


The progeny of primiparous sows (gilts) are recognized as a significant burden on the overall production efficiency of Australian pig herds. Gilt progeny (GP) grow slower and have higher rates of morbidity and mortality compared to the progeny of multiparous sows (sow progeny; SP). Previous research suggests that there is an underlying biological basis for differences between GP and SP. Therefore, the aims of this thesis were to clarify the timeframes of when these differences are in effect by investigating gastrointestinal (GI) development in the pre-weaning period and also to develop late gestational and lactational nutritional interventions to improve GP performance. In doing so, this the..

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