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An Ancient Divide in a Contiguous Rainforest: Endemic Earthworms in the Australian Wet Tropics.

Corrie S Moreau, Andrew F Hugall, Keith R McDonald, Barrie GM Jamieson, Craig Moritz

PLOS ONE | Published : 2015


Understanding the factors that shape current species diversity is a fundamental aim of ecology and evolutionary biology. The Australian Wet Tropics (AWT) are a system in which much is known about how the rainforests and the rainforest-dependent organisms reacted to late Pleistocene climate changes, but less is known about how events deeper in time shaped speciation and extinction in this highly endemic biota. We estimate the phylogeny of a species-rich endemic genus of earthworms (Terrisswalkerius) from the region. Using DEC and DIVA historical biogeography methods we find a strong signal of vicariance among known biogeographical sub-regions across the whole phylogeny, congruent with the phy..

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