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Conserved DNA sequences in chlamydial plasmids.

A Hugall, P Timms, AA Girjes, MF Lavin

Plasmid | Published : 1989


Two 7.4-kb plasmids from Chlamydia psittaci have been cloned and characterized. These plasmids are quite distinct from the 6.2-kb C. psittaci and the C. trachomatis plasmids when compared by restriction endonuclease analysis. The plasmids show considerable cross-hybridization, with only a small region highly conserved and identified as a 4 X 22-bp tandemly repeated region. This sequence is identical in the two size categories of C. psittaci plasmids and differs from C. trachomatis plasmids by only 2 bp in the 22-bp motif. AT-rich clusters 5' to the repeat region which are present in C. trachomatis and Escherichia coli plasmids were absent from both classes of C. psittaci plasmids. Extensive ..

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