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Sequence evolution and phylogenetic signal in control-region and cytochrome b sequences of rainbow fishes (Melanotaeniidae).

D Zhu, BG Jamieson, A Hugall, C Moritz

Molecular Biology and Evolution | Published : 1994


The nucleotide sequences of segments of the cytochrome b gene (351 bp), the tRNA(Pro) gene (49 bp), and the control region (approximately 313 bp) of mitochondrial DNA were obtained from 26 fish representing different populations and species of Melanotaenia and one species of Glossolepis, freshwater rainbow fishes confined to Australia and New Guinea. The purpose was to investigate relative rates and patterns of sequence evolution. Overall levels of divergence were similar for the cytochrome b and tRNA control-region sequences, both ranging from < 1% within subspecies to 15%-19% between genera. However, the patterns of sequence evolution differed. For the cytochrome b gene, transitions consis..

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