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Effects of sedative-hypnotics on sleep quality among patients with insomnia: evidence from an observational, pre-post study in India.

Gautam Satheesh, Sandra Puthean, Abhishek Sharma, Shiva Raj Mishra, Jeswin Jose, Sushil Kakkan, MK Unnikrishnan

Health and Quality of Life Outcomes | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: Insomnia continues to be neglected globally, despite its high prevalence. Guidelines by the health regulatory agencies call for studies to evaluate the effect of sedative-hypnotics on sleep quality. METHODS: We conducted a pre-post observational study to evaluate sleep quality among 186 inpatients receiving short-term oral sedative-hypnotic therapy in a tertiary care teaching hospital in Kozhikode (Kerala), India. Using Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index_Past-Week (PSQI_PW) questionnaire, patients were interviewed upon hospital admission and at follow up after ≥1-week of sedative-hypnotic therapy. Additionally, we interviewed 36 physicians to understand the current clinical perceptio..

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