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Challenges constraining insulin access in Nepal-a country with no local insulin production.

Abhishek Sharma, Parash Mani Bhandari, Dipika Neupane, Warren A Kaplan, Shiva Raj Mishra

International Health | Published : 2018


Background: Nepal is facing an increasing burden of diabetes and relies almost entirely on insulin imported through India. Methods: We employed a modified version of the WHO/Health Action International standard survey to assess insulin availability and prices, along with qualitative interviews with insulin retailers (pharmacists) and wholesalers in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Results: The mean availability of the two human insulins listed on the 2011 Nepal Essential Medicine List were 14.3% and 42.85% in the surveyed private- and public-sector pharmacies, respectively, compared with the WHO target of 80% availability. The median consumer price of human insulin cartridges, analogue insulin c..

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