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The nature of sub-millimetre galaxies I: a comparison of AGN and star-forming galaxy SED fits

T Shanks, B Ansarinejad, RM Bielby, I Heywood, N Metcalfe, L Wang

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford University Press (OUP) | Published : 2021


ABSTRACT High-redshift sub-millimetre galaxies (SMGs) are usually assumed to be powered by star formation. However, it has been clear for some time that >20 per cent of such sourcesbrighter than ≈3 mJy host quasars. Here, we analyse a complete sample of 12 sub-mm LABOCA/ALMA 870-μm sources in the centre of the William Herschel Deep Field (WHDF) with multiwavelength data available from the X-ray to the radio bands. Previously, two sources were identified as X-ray-absorbed quasars at z = 1.32 and z = 2.12. By comparing their spectral energy distributions (SEDs) with unabsorbed quasars in the same field, we confirm that they are dust reddened although at a level significantly ..

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