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Association between pre-treatment perfusion profile and cerebral edema after reperfusion therapies in ischemic stroke.

Felix C Ng, Leonid Churilov, Nawaf Yassi, Timothy J Kleinig, Vincent Thijs, Teddy Y Wu, Darshan Shah, Helen M Dewey, Gagan Sharma, Patricia M Desmond, Bernard Yan, Mark W Parsons, Geoffrey A Donnan, Stephen M Davis, Peter J Mitchell, Bruce Cv Campbell

J Cereb Blood Flow Metab | Published : 2021


The relationship between reperfusion and edema is unclear, with experimental and clinical data yielding conflicting results. We investigated whether the extent of salvageable and irreversibly-injured tissue at baseline influenced the effect of therapeutic reperfusion on cerebral edema. In a pooled analysis of 415 patients with anterior circulation large vessel occlusion from the Tenecteplase-versus-Alteplase-before-Endovascular-Therapy-for-Ischemic-Stroke (EXTEND-IA TNK) part 1 and 2 trials, associations between core and mismatch volume on pre-treatment CT-Perfusion with cerebral edema at 24-hours, and their interactions with reperfusion were tested. Core volume was associated with increased..

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