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Validation of the factor structure of the Eating Pathology Symptoms Inventory in an international sample of sexual minority men

Victoria L Perko, Kelsie T Forbush, Kara A Christensen, Brianne N Richson, Danielle AN Chapa, Brittany K Bohrer, Scott Griffiths



Sexual minority individuals are at greater risk for the development of eating-disorder (ED) psychopathology. Despite the importance of understanding ED symptoms in sexual minority men, most ED measures were developed and validated in heterosexual, young adult, white women. The psychometric properties of ED measures in diverse populations remain largely unknown. The purpose of this study was to test: 1) whether the eight-factor structure of the Eating Pathology Symptoms Inventory (EPSI) replicated in sexual minority men and 2) group-level mean differences between gay and bisexual men on the eight EPSI scales. International participants (N = 722 sexual minority men from 20 countries) were recr..

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