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Dynamic changes to tissue-resident immunity after MHC-matched and MHC-mismatched solid organ transplantation.

Amy Prosser, Wen Hua Huang, Liu Liu, Sarah Dart, Monalyssa Watson, Bastiaan de Boer, Philip Kendrew, Andrew Lucas, Irma Larma-Cornwall, Silvana Gaudieri, Gary P Jeffrey, Luc Delriviere, Axel Kallies, Michaela Lucas

Cell Reports | Published : 2021


The heterogeneous pool of tissue-resident lymphocytes in solid organs mediates infection responses and supports tissue integrity and repair. Their vital functions in normal physiology suggest an important role in solid organ transplantation; however, their detailed examination in this context has not been performed. Here, we report the fate of multiple lymphocyte subsets, including T, B, and innate lymphoid cells, after murine liver and heart transplantation. In major histocompatibility complex (MHC)-matched transplantation, donor lymphocytes are retained in liver grafts and peripheral lymphoid organs of heart and liver transplant recipients. In MHC-mismatched transplantation, increased infi..

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