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Bottom-Up Synthesis of Single Crystal Diamond Pyramids Containing Germanium Vacancy Centers

Milad Nonahal, Simon JU White, Blake Regan, Chi Li, Aleksandra Trycz, Sejeong Kim, Igor Aharonovich, Mehran Kianinia



Diamond resonators containing color-centers are highly sought after for application in quantum technologies. Bottom-up approaches are promising for the generation of single-crystal diamond structures with purposely introduced color centers. Here the possibility of using a polycrystalline diamond to grow single-crystal diamond structures by employing a pattern growth method is demonstrated. For, the possible mechanism of growing a single-crystal structure with predefined shape and size from a polycrystalline substrate by controlling the growth condition is clarified. Then, by introducing germanium impurities during the growth, localized and enhanced emission from fabricated pyramid shaped sin..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Awarded by Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank to Mark Lockrey for the assistance on EBSD, Johannes E. Froch for the assistance on EBL fabrication. The authors also thank Mika Westerhausen for his useful discussion on MPCVD growth process. The authors acknowledge the Australian Research Council (CE200100010) and the Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development (FA2386-20-1-4014) for the financial support. The authors would like to thank the ANFF UTS hub for access to their facilities.