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Coordinated Charge and Discharge Scheduling of Electric Vehicles for Load Curve Shaping

NI Nimalsiri, EL Ratnam, DB Smith, CP Mediwaththe, SK Halgamuge

IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems | Published : 2021


In this paper, we propose two decentralized Electric Vehicle (EV) charge scheduling schemes for shaping the load curve of residential communities connected to the electric grid. The first scheme is designed for Coordinated Valley-Filling (C-VF) of the load curve via only EV charging. The second scheme is designed for Coordinated Valley-Filling and Peak-Shaving (C-VF-PS) of the load curve via both EV charging and discharging. In both schemes, a set of grid-connected EVs referred to as an `EV Group' (EVG) coordinates their charge (and discharge) schedules by means of an iterative routine. Specifically, at each iteration of the respective routine, each EV in the EVG updates its charge (and disc..

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