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Guidelines for Developing the VR Program in Residential Aged Care: A Preliminary Study from Staf Members' Perspective

KS Thach, R Lederman, J Waycott

Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings | Published : 2021


Despite there being evident benefits of using virtual reality (VR) in aged care, it is not yet widely used in residential aged care homes. One factor that may contribute to this is the willingness of staff to use VR as part of the social program offered in aged care homes. Therefore, we need to understand staff perceptions of VR programs, especially suggestions for improvement. In an analysis of responses from 10 staff working in residential aged care (also known as nursing homes), we found that staff have concerns about the suitability of VR for older people with cognitive impairments and mobility restrictions. Many older adults living in aged care have these conditions. Our findings sugges..

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