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Photothermal release and recovery of mesenchymal stem cells from substrates functionalized with gold nanorods

Yashaswini Vegi, Mirren Charnley, Stuart K Earl, Carmine Onofrillo, Blanca del Rosal, Christopher JH Chong, Paul R Stoddart, Nerida Cole, Peter F Choong, Simon E Moulton, Nicholas P Reynolds



Mesenchymal stem cell therapies show great promise in regenerative medicine. However, to generate clinically relevant numbers of these stem cells, significant in vitro expansion of the cells is required before transplantation into the affected wound or defect. The current gold standard protocol for recovering in vitro cultured cells involves treatment with enzymes such as trypsin which can affect the cell phenotype and ability to interact with the environment. Alternative enzyme free methods of adherent cell recovery have been investigated, but none match the convenience and performance of enzymatic detachment. In this work we have developed a synthetically simple, low cost cell culture subs..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council Training Centre in Biodevices

Funding Acknowledgements

NPR, YV, NC and PRS would like to thank the Australian Research Council Training Centre in Biodevices for supporting this work through grant IC140100023. NPR would like to thank La Trobe University for the award of a Nicholas Hoogenraad fellowship. YV would like to thank Marion Dubois for creating the artwork and schematics in this manuscript. The authors further acknowledge the facilities of the Fluorescence Imaging Group, Departamento de Fisica de Materiales, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.