Conference Proceedings

An investigation of cold-wire spatial resolution using a DNS database

Yu Xia, Wagih Rowin, Tom Jelly, Daniel Chung, Ivan Marusic, Nicholas Hutchins

Proceedings of the 22nd Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference AFMC2020 | The University of Queensland | Published : 2020


The effect of spatial resolution of cold-wire anemometry on both the variance and energy spectrum of temperature fluctuations is analyzed through the use of a numerical database. Temperature fluctuation snapshots from a direct numerical simulation (DNS) of a heated smooth-wall turbulent channel flow are spatially averaged in the spanwise direction to simulate the wire filtering. The results show that the wire length does not affect the mean temperature while it significantly attenuates the variance of temperature fluctuations, particularly in the vicinity of the wall. As the filter length grows, the peaks of the one- and two-dimensional energy spectrograms are further attenuated. Limited a..

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