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Towards Sustainable Livestock Production: Estimation of Methane Emissions and Dietary Interventions for Mitigation

Pragna Prathap, Surinder Singh Chauhan, Brian Joseph Leury, Jeremy James Cottrell, Frank Rowland Dunshea

SUSTAINABILITY | MDPI | Published : 2021


The increasing need for sustainable livestock production demands more research in the field of greenhouse gas (GHG), particularly methane (CH4), measurement and mitigation. Dietary interventions, management, and biotechnological strategies to reduce the environmental impacts and economic implications of enteric CH4 emissions are needed. While the use of biotechnological interventions and management strategies can be challenging on a routine basis, feed additive supplementation appears to be the most researched, developed, and ready to use strategy to mitigate enteric CH4 emissions. This paper discusses various recently developed feeding strategies to reduce enteric CH4 emissions in livestock..

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