Journal article

Interfacing Seurat with the R tidy universe.

Stefano Mangiola, Maria A Doyle, Anthony T Papenfuss

Bioinformatics | Published : 2021


MOTIVATION: Seurat is one of the most popular software suites for the analysis of single-cell RNA sequencing data. Considering the popularity of the tidyverse ecosystem, which offers a large set of data display, query, manipulation, integration, and visualisation utilities, a great opportunity exists to interface the Seurat object with the tidyverse. This interface gives the large data science community of tidyverse users the possibility to operate with familiar grammar. RESULTS: To provide Seurat with a tidyverse-oriented interface without compromising efficiency, we developed tidyseurat, a lightweight adapter to the tidyverse. Tidyseurat displays cell information as a tibble abstraction, w..

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