Conference Proceedings

Emergent Interaction: Complexity, Dynamics, and Enaction in HCI

D Bennett, A Dix, P Eslambolchilar, F Feng, T Froese, V Kostakos, S Lerique, N Van Berkel

Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings | Published : 2021


We propose a workshop on methods and theories for dealing with complex dynamical systems, and their application in HCI. Such methods are increasingly relevant across a wide range of disciplines which focus on human behaviour, applied to understand the role of context and interactions in the behaviour of individuals and groups, and how they unfold over time. Traditional approaches to quantifying and modelling behaviour in HCI have tended to focus primarily on individuals and components. Complexity methods shift the focus onto interactions between components, and the emergence of behaviour from complex networks of interactions, as for example in Enactivist approaches to cognitive science. Whil..

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