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Poly(dimethylsiloxane) for Triboelectricity: From Mechanisms to Practical Strategies

Jingyi Li, Nick A Shepelin, Peter C Sherrell, Amanda V Ellis

Chemistry of Materials | American Chemical Society (ACS) | Published : 2021


The triboelectric effect (TE), simply described as the generation of electricity from tribology or friction, has been known for over 1500 years. TE arises from charge transfer between surfaces under contact, typically attributed to electron transfer. However, emerging understanding shows how the ion transfer and material transfer (bond cleavage) mechanisms play a key role in TE. An engineering focus on increasing the porosity, surface roughness, and use of hetero-genous materials has resulted in a recent explosion in triboelectric literature, particularly towards soft and flexible polymer devices. Here, we critically evaluate recent progress in TE generators and link engineered performance t..

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