Journal article

Advances in biofabrication techniques towards functional bioprinted heterogeneous engineered tissues: A comprehensive review

WS Harley, CC Li, J Toombs, CD O'Connell, HK Taylor, DE Heath, DJ Collins

Bioprinting | Elsevier BV | Published : 2021


Biofabrication is a fast-evolving and multi-disciplinary field, harnessing the benefits and capabilities of additive manufacturing and complementary bioassembly techniques at the intersection of biology and engineering. Biofabrication is promising for printing of transplantable tissues, though near-term applications in practice include biomimetically engineered models for drug discovery, cosmetics testing, tissue regeneration and medical devices. Recapitulating the structure and complexity of native tissues, however, remains a significant challenge. To address this, recent biofabrication work has demonstrated improvements in the scale, rate and intricacy at which tissues can be fabricated, w..

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