Thesis / Dissertation

Moral distress, moral equilibrium and the moral equilibrium framework: health professionals' well-being in the face of daily challenges to moral values and integrity

Caroline Gaik-Gim Ong, Rosalind McDougall (ed.)

Published : 2020


The impact of moral distress on health professionals, patient care, healthcare teams, organisations and the healthcare sector itself, is at this time significant and increasing. Most research into moral distress has focussed on nurses in acute care settings, and largely in the United States. This combined ethnographic and interpretive phenomenological research investigated gaps in the moral distress literature including the experiences of health professionals’ moral distress (1) in the Australian context, (2) in a multidisciplinary specialist palliative care team, and (3) in a community setting. My research began with the question: “how do community specialist palliative care health professi..

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