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Lessons from the host defences of bats, a unique viral reservoir

Aaron T Irving, Matae Ahn, Geraldine Goh, Danielle E Anderson, Lin-Fa Wang

Nature | NATURE RESEARCH | Published : 2021


There have been several major outbreaks of emerging viral diseases, including Hendra, Nipah, Marburg and Ebola virus diseases, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)-as well as the current pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Notably, all of these outbreaks have been linked to suspected zoonotic transmission of bat-borne viruses. Bats-the only flying mammal-display several additional features that are unique among mammals, such as a long lifespan relative to body size, a low rate of tumorigenesis and an exceptional ability to host viruses without presenting clinical disease. Here we discuss the mechanisms that underpin the host defenc..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Research in the group of L.-F.W. is supported by grants from the Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF2012NRF-CRP001-056 and NRF2016NRF-NSFC002-013), the National Medical Research Council of Singapore (MOH-OFIRG19MAY-0011 and COVID19RF-003) and the Ministry of Education Singapore (MOE2019-T2-2-130). A.T.I. is supported by National Medical Research Council of Singapore (NMRC/BNIG/2040/2015) and a Zhejiang University special scientific research fund for COVID-19 prevention and control.