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Detection of Recombinant Rousettus Bat Coronavirus GCCDC1 in Lesser Dawn Bats (Eonycteris spelaea) in Singapore

Adrian C Paskey, Justin HJ Ng, Gregory K Rice, Wan Ni Chia, Casandra W Philipson, Randy JH Foo, Regina Z Cer, Kyle A Long, Matthew R Lueder, Xiao Fang Lim, Kenneth G Frey, Theron Hamilton, Danielle E Anderson, Eric D Laing, Ian H Mendenhall, Gavin J Smith, Lin-Fa Wang, Kimberly A Bishop-Lilly

Viruses | MDPI | Published : 2020


Rousettus bat coronavirus GCCDC1 (RoBat-CoV GCCDC1) is a cross-family recombinant coronavirus that has previously only been reported in wild-caught bats in Yúnnan, China. We report the persistence of a related strain in a captive colony of lesser dawn bats captured in Singapore. Genomic evidence of the virus was detected using targeted enrichment sequencing, and further investigated using deeper, unbiased high throughput sequencing. RoBat-CoV GCCDC1 Singapore shared 96.52% similarity with RoBat-CoV GCCDC1 356 (NC_030886) at the nucleotide level, and had a high prevalence in the captive bat colony. It was detected at five out of six sampling time points across the course of 18 months. A parti..

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Awarded by Singapore National Research Foundation

Awarded by WUN

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was funded by U.S. Navy, Office of Naval Research, In-House Laboratory Independent Research (ILIR) Program and WUN A1417. The work by the Singapore team was funded by the Singapore National Research Foundation grants (NRF2012NRF-CRP001-056 and NRF2016NRF-NSFC002-013). The funding bodies had no role in the design of this study, nor in the collection, analysis, or interpretation of data, nor in the writing of this manuscript.