Original Creative Work - Design/Architectural Work

Designing with Birds for Interspecies Justice

Stanislav Roudavski, alexander Holland

Politicologenetmaal Virtual Conference, Workshop: ‘Challenging Anthropocentrism in Political Science: Gender, Race, Intersectionality, and the More-Than-Human’, 3-4 June 2021 | Published : 2021


Recent work in animal studies and environmental humanities seeks to empower nonhuman lifeforms within interspecies communities. Such emancipation is crucial in the conditions of the environmental crisis that undermines all life. Historical exclusions of slaves, women, disabled and other disadvantaged humans demonstrate that just improvements are difficult or impossible without participation and we suggest that emancipation of nonhumans will be necessary for the design of future societies. A practical example of the urgent need for such participation is environmental management. Architects, environmental engineers, and designers work to support degraded landscapes but typically presume that d..

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