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White Matter Disruption in Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: Results from ENIGMA Pediatric Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury.

Emily L Dennis, Karen Caeyenberghs, Kristen R Hoskinson, Tricia L Merkley, Stacy J Suskauer, Robert F Asarnow, Talin Babikian, Brenda Bartnik-Olson, Kevin Bickart, Erin D Bigler, Linda Ewing-Cobbs, Anthony Figaji, Christopher C Giza, Naomi J Goodrich-Hunsaker, Cooper B Hodges, Elizabeth S Hovenden Aa, Andrei Irimia, Marsh Königs, Harvey S Levin, Hannah M Lindsey Show all

Neurology | Published : 2021


OBJECTIVE: Our study addressed aims: (1) test the hypothesis that moderate-severe TBI in pediatric patients is associated with widespread white matter (WM) disruption; (2) test the hypothesis that age and sex impact WM organization after injury; and (3) examine associations between WM organization and neurobehavioral outcomes. METHODS: Data from ten previously enrolled, existing cohorts recruited from local hospitals and clinics were shared with the ENIGMA (Enhancing NeuroImaging Genetics through Meta-Analysis) Pediatric msTBI working group. We conducted a coordinated analysis of diffusion MRI (dMRI) data using the ENIGMA dMRI processing pipeline. RESULTS: Five hundred and seven children and..

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