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Sedative-hypnotic effect and in silico study of dinaphthodiospyrols isolated from Diospyros lotus Linn.

Yahya S Al-Awthan, Abdur Rauf, Umer Rashid, Sami Bawazeer, Saima Naz, Omar Bahattab, Saud Bawazeer, Naveed Muhammad, Dania Saad Waggas, Gaber El-Saber Batiha, Mohammad Ali Shariati, Marina Derkho, Hafiz Ansar Rasul Suleria

Biomed Pharmacother | Published : 2021


Traditionally, Diospyros lotus Linn is used for insomnia and other associated disorders. Insomnia is a worldwide disorder with different etiology which is treated with different synthetic medicine associated with addiction. Natural products are generally devoid of such addition with good efficacy. Current research was conducted to evaluate the sedative and hypnotic effects of dimeric naphthoquinones such as dinaphthodiospyrol A (1), dinaphthodiospyrol B (2), dinaphthodiospyrol C (3), dinaphthodiospyrol D (4), dinaphthodiospyrol E (5) and dinaphthodiospyrol F (6) isolated from the chloroform fractions of D. lotus. The sedative and hypnotic effects at the dose of 5 and 10 mg/kg (each compound)..

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