Book Chapter

Critical Issues in the Invasion of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Shravani Devarakonda, Malka N Halgamuge, Azeem Mohammad

Research Anthology on Privatizing and Securing Data | IGI Global | Published : 2021


In this chapter, the authors collected data from issues related to threats in the applications of IoT-based technologies that describe the security and privacy issues from 30 peer reviewed publications from 2014 to 2017. Further, they analyzed each threat type and its percentages in each application of the internet of things. The results indicated that the applications of smart transportation (20%) face the highest amount of security and privacy issues followed by smart home (19%) and smart cities (18%) compared to the rest of the applications. Further, they determined that the biggest threats were denial of service attack (9%) followed by eavesdropping (5%), man in the middle (4%), and repl..

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