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A Generalized Framework for Measuring Pedestrian Accessibility around the World Using Open Data

Shiqin Liu, Carl Higgs, Jonathan Arundel, Geoff Boeing, Nicholas Cerdera, David Moctezuma, Ester Cerin, Deepti Adlakha, Melanie Lowe, Billie Giles-Corti

Geographical Analysis: an international journal of theoretical geography | Wiley | Published : 2021


Pedestrian accessibility is an important factor in urban transport and land use policy and critical for creating healthy, sustainable cities. Developing and evaluating indicators measuring inequalities in pedestrian accessibility can help planners and policymakers benchmark and monitor the progress of city planning interventions. However, measuring and assessing indicators of urban design and transport features at high resolution worldwide to enable city comparisons is challenging due to limited availability of official, high-quality, and comparable spatial data, as well as spatial analysis tools offering customizable frameworks for indicator construction and analysis. To address these chall..

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