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Current trends and future prospects of chemical management of oral biofilms.

Shankargouda Patil, Vidya Gs, Hosam Baeshen, Mohammed Ali Ali Sumayli, Mubarak Ali Saeed AlShahrani, Abdullatif Ibrahim Alkhallaf Najmi, Mohammed Abdurabu Jafer, Satish Vishwanathaiah, Shahrukh Khan

Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research | Published : 2020


Oral biofilm, a tribulation encountered on a general basis is known to associate and contribute to many oral and systemic diseases. Eradication of these biofilms is a primary step in treatment of the underlying malady. Management of a biofilm is governed by various factors: the microenvironment within a biofilm, bond between the adhered surface and the biofilm, location of the biofilm, access to the biofilm for removal. Though annihilation is the priority, the mode of approach to achieve the same is equally important, because biofilm's heterogenic nature and location govern the strategical treatment required. Literature supports that the consequences of oral biofilms is not restricted to its..

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