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Idea Generation Mechanisms: Comparing the influence of classification, combination, building on others, and stimulation mechanisms on ideation effectiveness.

Saurabh Deo, Aimane Blej, Senni Kirjavainen, Katja Holtta-Otto

Journal of Mechanical Design | ASME International


Abstract Ideation methods have been extensively studied, and several ideation methods can be beneficial in different contexts, but it is not understood what makes a specific method work. Previous work has shown that all the ideation methods comprise of 25 fundamental ideation mechanisms in two categories: idea implementation and idea promoting mechanisms. In this study, we try to understand how individual mechanisms affect idea generation outcomes. We chose four idea promoting mechanisms: two from the process category (Classification & Combination) and two from the idea sources category (Building on Others and Stimulation). These mechanisms were selected as they are examples o..

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