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Advances in automated cell washing and concentration

Anqi Li, Gina D Kusuma, Dawn Driscoll, Nathan Smith, Dominic M Wall, Bruce L Levine, David James, Rebecca Lim



The successful commercialization of cell therapies requires thorough planning and consideration of product quality, cost and scale of the manufacturing process. The implementation of automation can be central to a robust and reproducible manufacturing process at industrialized scales. There have been a number of wash-and-concentrate devices developed for cell manufacturing. These technologies have arisen from transfusion medicine, hematopoietic stem cell and biologics manufacturing where operating mechanisms are distinct from manual centrifugation. This review describes the historical origin and fundamental technologies underlying each currently available wash-and-concentrate device as well ..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by the Victorian Government's Opera-tional Infrastructure Support Program and the Victorian Government Technology Voucher provided by the Department of Economic Devel-opment, Jobs, Transport and Resources. RL is the recipient of a National Health and Medical Research Council Career Development Fellowship. AL is the recipient of an Australian Postgraduate Research Training Program Scholarship.