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Cascade of phase transitions in a planar Dirac material

T Kanazawa, M Kieburg, JJM Verbaarschot

Journal of High Energy Physics | Published : 2021


We investigate a model of interacting Dirac fermions in 2 + 1 dimensions with M flavors and N colors having the U(M)×SU(N) symmetry. In the large-N limit, we find that the U(M) symmetry is spontaneously broken in a variety of ways. In the vacuum, when the parity-breaking flavor-singlet mass is varied, the ground state undergoes a sequence of M first-order phase transitions, experiencing M + 1 phases characterized by symmetry breaking U(M)→U(M − k)×U(k) with k ∈ {0, 1, 2, · · · , M}, bearing a close resemblance to the vacuum structure of three-dimensional QCD. At finite temperature and chemical potential, a rich phase diagram with first and second-order phase transitions and tricritical point..

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