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Nuclear heterogeneity is prevalent in high-quality fractionated human sperm cells typically used for assisted conception.

RA Ogle, J Netherton, E Schneider, T Velkov, H Zhang, N Cole, L Hetherington, AISB Villaverde, MA Baker

Hum Reprod | Published : 2021


STUDY QUESTION: What is the nuclear heterogeneity of high-density purified human spermatozoa typically used for IVF purposes. SUMMARY ANSWER: The data show that while density gradient separation has improved the overall sperm population, there is still a large degree of nuclear heterogeneity within these cells. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY: Chromomycin A3 (CMA3) is an important DNA binding fluorochrome for the assessment of male-factor fertility. It is typically used to predict IVF outcomes on entire sperm ejaculates with very high receiver operating characteristic. Here we used CMA3 to characterise typical populations of human spermatozoa that would be used for IVF purposes after density gradient ..

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