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LC-ESI/QTOF-MS Profiling of Chicory and Lucerne Polyphenols and Their Antioxidant Activities

Yasir Iqbal, Eric N Ponnampalam, Hafiz AR Suleria, Jeremy J Cottrell, Frank R Dunshea

ANTIOXIDANTS | MDPI | Published : 2021


Chicory and lucerne are used as specialised forages in sheep or dairy production systems in some parts of the world. Recently, these plants are gaining attention as raw materials in the search for natural antioxidants for use in animal feeds, human foods and nutraceutical formulations. The antioxidant potential of these plants is credited to polyphenols, a subgroup of phytochemicals. Therefore, phenolic characterisation is an essential step before their use as ingredients in animal feeds, human food or nutraceutical preparations. In this study, we performed qualitative and quantitative analysis of polyphenols in chicory and lucerne. Profiling of polyphenols from chicory and lucerne was perfo..

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