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The EADGENE Microarray Data Analysis Workshop (Open Access publication)

Dirk-Jan de Koning, Florence Jaffrézic, Mogens Sandø Lund, Michael Watson, Caroline Channing, Ina Hulsegge, Marco H Pool, Bart Buitenhuis, Jakob Hedegaard, Henrik Hornshøj, Li Jiang, Peter Sørensen, Guillemette Marot, Céline Delmas, Kim-Anh Lê Cao, Magali San Cristobal, Michael D Baron, Roberto Malinverni, Alessandra Stella, Ronald M Brunner Show all

Genetics Selection Evolution | Springer Science and Business Media LLC | Published : 2007


Abstract Microarray analyses have become an important tool in animal genomics. While their use is becoming widespread, there is still a lot of ongoing research regarding the analysis of microarray data. In the context of a European Network of Excellence, 31 researchers representing 14 research groups from 10 countries performed and discussed the statistical analyses of real and simulated 2-colour microarray data that were distributed among participants. The real data consisted of 48 microarrays from a disease challenge experiment in dairy cattle, while the simulated data consisted of 10 microarrays from a direct comparison of two treatments (dye-balanced). While there was broader a..

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