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Testing the mate-choice hypothesis of the female orgasm: disentangling traits and behaviours.

James M Sherlock, Morgan J Sidari, Emily Ann Harris, Fiona Kate Barlow, Brendan P Zietsch

Socioaffect Neurosci Psychol | Published : 2016


BACKGROUND: The evolution of the female orgasm in humans and its role in romantic relationships is poorly understood. Whereas the male orgasm is inherently linked to reproduction, the female orgasm is not linked to obvious reproductive or survival benefits. It also occurs less consistently during penetrative sex than does the male orgasm. Mate-choice hypotheses posit that the wide variation in female orgasm frequency reflects a discriminatory mechanism designed to select high-quality mates. OBJECTIVE: We aimed to determine (1) whether women report that their orgasm frequency varies between partners, (2) whether this variation reflects mates' personal characteristics, and (3) whether this var..

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